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Whether it be a Trade Show or Music Festival; Magazine or Catalog; or even a Web Site or Marketing Campaign, there is a lot of planning and thought that must occur before the actual execution of the plan.  No matter the event, or the size, Cold River Press has helped clients map out their strategies with an eye for detail and a careful watch on the bottom line.

With over twenty five years in publishing and promotions and associates in every industry, Cold River Press can help make a project become reality with little, if any, difficulty.

Cold River Press has designed, promoted or produced; Music Festivals, Concerts, Tattoo Festivals, Bridal Trade Shows, Car Shows, Motorcycle Shows, Fashion Shows, Street Fairs, Renaissance Faires, and Art Shows. If you need an event planned, managed or produced, they have the experience to get it done. From writing copy for advertising media to hiring sub-contractors to assemble a trade show, no matter the need they are prepared to deliver a quality product every time.

Below are items from the 2010 All American Tattoo Festival held at the Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, CA June 18-20, 2010




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