…tell me

in the morning

as you brush

your hair

as you watch

your smile


what is it

that you think?


a thing of love

is the passing of

two strangers


for a moment

in time eternal

locked in the dreams

of a fable

that will never end…


….it is

of tremendous beauty…


…would you not agree?


i wonder

first thing

in the morning

do you think of


as i

think of you?


is that smile

that begins

a reflection of the joy

you bring

in dreams


in dreams.


outside in the parkway

behind my house

a beautiful eight point buck runs free 


i hear the barking of my dog

the signal that the buck has arrived 


i seldom see him at night 


once, during a brightly lit night

moon full and hung low in the sky

he graced me with his presence


near enough to touch


close enough to trample


we looked at each other 

our eyes, locked, upon one another’s


in that moment i knew all there needed to be known


felt all that needed to be felt


heard the intertwining calls of the river

and knew the rhythms we all share


there have been times in my life

when i have felt as one with the river

as one will ever hope to feel 


in the eyes of the buck

in the smile I see in your eyes

time stands still 


as it should.


as it should.