dave boles

COYOTE VISION - 152 pages, plus cover
7 x 9, Perfect Bound


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That moment when we realize we are awake and dreaming simultaneously, can be one of the greatest pleasures taken for granted in what we believe is our life but what nature calls our vision.

What I thought would be a quick reading and a few comments have turned into several hours of wandering around "Coyote Vision" slightly agog at the complex and fantastical building of a story that is a treatise, allegory, and superb fable, mixed with a visionary approach to a reasonable, logical and inspired philosophy.

As a story about a guy who talks with animals and spirits and mermaids, while downing generous portions of natural wonders, it is fun and amusing. As a multi-layered treatise on the human condition, the book is serious to the point of being frightening. As an allegorical fable that offers a solution to the arrogance so readily on display in our fractured world, the book deserves much thought, rereading, and even ingestion or inhalation of something herbal to slow down the heart as it absorbs the story. And as a visionary story, it is solidly built on wonderful characters living in a world that is captivating and always interesting.

I've read dave's Coyote work for a while now. This opus brings all the charm and magic and intelligence of that body of work to one place. I'm truly impressed. - James Bourey