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      I wrote this piece in November, 1991, as a one time performance piece for my friend, Larry Killen, who had invited me to read at an art gallery's opening (Lite Rail Gallery in Sacramento, CA).
     Larry insisted on a new piece for the reading, which I viewed as idiosyncratic, but what the hell.  To make it all the more interesting, a new friend, Eddie Houck, electrical guitarist extraordinaire, was pressuring me to define my concept of synchronistic writing.  I decided to combine the two elements and here is the result.
     Eddie and I performed this piece with no rehearsal and only the vaguest idea of what the other had in mind.  On the night of the reading, Eddie showed up with his amplifier and guitar, I showed up with several pieces of scribbled on paper.   The resulting performance meshed perfectly and offered an inside view of synchronicity to my friend, Eddie, and a new poem from my long time friend, Larry.
      This piece, to date, had not again been performed by the two of us.   I have no plans to perform it again in it's original form as it was based solely on experimentation.  I submit the piece in this chapbook form, two years later, as an archival endeavor.  Turn it on.  Turn it off.  The media pulls our strings.

16pp.  Soft Cover.  Saddle Stitched. 
Originally published in 1993 by Cold River Press.

The book HOMAGE TO A WORD is included