dave boles

dave boles (bodhi), has worked as an itinerant Publisher, Writer and Designer since 1981. Founder of the magazine Primal Urge, he also created The Sacramento Free Press, Cruisin' Magazine, Foothill Focus, Neural Impulse Publications, Cold River Press and Bodhidharma Publishing.  His publications, editorials, writing, graphic design and artwork have won numerous awards in a thirty plus year career in publishing, publishing such noted writers as D.R. Wagner, A.D. Winans, Charles Plymell, S.A. Griffin, Ben Hiatt, Susan Kelly DeWitt and many, many more.

An inveterate traveler and artist, he has published, designed, edited or written numerous books, magazines, articles, ads and periodicals both nationally and internationally.

A devoted collector of tattoo, he is also a  lifelong student of Magic and Spiritualism, holding degrees in Psychology, and a Doctorate of Divinity in Theosophical Studies. In 2010 he started the Church Of The Illuminated Monkey, where he holds the position of Gringo Shaman.

Living in Northern California at his beloved Lake House with his wife, Mrs. America, and numerous animals, he chronicles his devotion to the ancestors writing of ancient mysticism through his "Coyote Series", a four book series of epic poems that detail the spiritual and mystical wisdom of the ages.